Guest Smartphone App: Service & Convenience in the palm of your guest’s hand. Private labeled.
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It’s official. Your guests want to use their smart phone...for everything.

Hotel guest stats

Why is this good for hotels? Engaging technology drives loyalty.

Your StayNTouch App will:

  • Empower the guest with choice of service
  • Give a sense of exclusive connection
  • Foster a long-term relationship
  • Differentiate your hotel

It does more.

Your App should be more than pretty pictures.
It’s time to give guests something that they can use.

  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Folios
  • Extend Stay
  • Payment
  • Reviews
  • Service Request
  • Key Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Social Lobby
  • Loyalty
  • Reservation
  • eCompendium
  • Area Info
  • F&B Orders

Drive incremental revenue.

We help guests help themselves to a better experience.
Which, of course, helps you.

  • Revenue from upgrades

    Upgrades are presented as a part of the check in process as they become available.

  • Revenue from add-ons

    Add-ons are always available and, of course, are directly connected to your PMS.

  • Revenue from late check-outs

    Late Check-Outs help you monetize a common request without occupying staff.

It's time for social conversation.

We’ve all been hearing that hoteliers need to “join the conversation”. Now Zest brings the conversation to the hotel.

By responding to guest requests through their phone (where they can be found at the pool, the restaurant, the gym, etc.), hotels now can differentiate their level of service.

Plus, groups visiting your hotel automatically gain access to a chat room created exclusively for them (a big plus for your sales team looking to add value to their proposals!).

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